8th march 2019 | Internationaux de Strasbourg

8th march 2019

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International Women's Day

Every year, International Women's Day is an opportunity to inquire about the inequalities between women and men that still persist in our society. Two significant figures were of interest to us.

In the world, a woman receives, on average, 20% less than a man's salary (source: International Labour Organization).

Despite a slight improvement compared to previous years, this gap remains one of the most shocking and significant. On the other hand, from a sporting point of view, women's sport also faces disparities compared to men's sport. 

Women's sport accounted for between 16% and 20% of the hourly volume of sports broadcasts in 2016, according to the CSA.

A percentage, all the more surprising because the latest studies show that the enthusiasm for women's sport is very much alive. According to an Odoxa survey conducted in February 2019, nearly 8 out of 10 French people would like to see more female sport on television, considering it as interesting and spectacular as male sport.

In order to be anchored in a more equitable approach towards women and to encourage you to fight against these inequalities, we are committing ourselves again this year by reducing by 20% the price of Thursday May 23rd tickets, for women with the promo code: IS19WOMEN. In addition, this day of the tournament will be dedicated to the Place de la Femme with a programme of workshops, gifts and privileged access to the wellness stand (this day is open to all, including men). 


We look forward to seeing many of you during the Internationaux de Strasbourg to support top-level sportswomen in their practice. We only have one sentence to say:


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