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Earth Day - April 22

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On April 22, we celebrate Earth Day, the world's largest environmental movement!

First celebrated on April 22, 1970 in the United States, Earth Day today brings together more than one billion people in 193 countries to take action for the planet each year.

But Earth Day is not just a major environmental day. It is also a charitable organization that aims to encourage citizens and organizations to reduce their impact on the environment every day of the year.

For the IS, Earth Day is a strong reflection of our real commitment to the well-being of the planet. This April 22 is an opportunity to celebrate all the actions we take throughout the year to create an event that respects our environment.

Indeed, since 2010, we are committed to an eco-responsible approach that has allowed us to reduce our carbon emissions by 30%. Now the first eco-responsible tennis event, IS have implemented more than 79 actions such as :

- recycling of waste and tournament tarpaulins

- a partnership with our official BMW transporter - L'Espace H - for the provision of electric and hybrid cars

- a strong selection of our service providers based on sustainable development criteria

- the dematerialization of printing and the choice of printing media with official eco-label

- the installation of signs to raise awareness of eco-gestures

- carrying out a carbon assessment every 2 years 

...and many other actions that you can find here :

You can therefore be sure that your visit to the IS represents a low environmental impact!


If, like us, you are convinced that the daily gestures of each one can lead to great progress, do not hesitate to share yours on social networks with the hashtags #EarthDay2021 #TakeCareOfThePlanet #EarthDayAtHome!



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