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Our approach

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Since 2010, Internationaux de Strasbourg organizing committee has been working hand in hand with the French government's environmental protection and energy conservation agency ADEME (Agence de l'Environnement et la Maîtrise des Energies) to make our event a global CSR benchmark. Three official CO2 emissions studies were conducted to document our progress, but most importantly, our whole team undertook meticulous measures on every level that have enabled us to:

  • Establish a dynamic shift in behavior among all of the tournament's suppliers, sponsors, spectators, players and various other participants
  • Considerably reduce CO2 emissions (-30% since 2010)

In order to ensure that this new approach is maintained, Internationaux de Strasbourg organizers work closely with the French government's environmental protection and energy conservation agency (ADEME) during the weeks and months leading up to the tournament and throughout the event itself.

Reminder of our carbon footprint reduction objectives:

  • Carry out an official carbon footprint report to measure the tangible results of all the eco-friendly initiatives implemented
  • Quantify the actual greenhouse gas emissions linked to the event in scientific terms (metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent)
  • Identify the key areas to significantly reduce current and potential GHG emissions
  • Evaluate the impact of our various eco-friendly initiatives in terms of GHG reductions
  • Establish a long-term carbon reducing strategy 

The goal for the 2024 edition is to further increase public awareness of our efforts so all the stakeholders fully understand and support our initiatives



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