Postponment confirmed of the #IS20 : 20 to 26 of september !

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The organization of the 2020 WTA Strasbourg tournament, that usually plays in May just before French Open, has been in danger by the worldwide COVID-19 crisis. The Grand Est Area has been hit particularly hard. But just like its residents, the IS organizers decided not to give up and they kept on believing that this 2020 occasion could happen. They offered to change the dates and they have been working very hard since then to make it possible. 

Considered as the best Roland Garros training, the IS have always taken place the week before the French Grand Chelem. This year, they have been rescheduled at the end of September. The IS team are getting ready to have the players back in the Alsace clay from the 20 until 26 of September 2020, at the Tennis Club of Strasbourg. 

In order to do that, the tournament had to be reinvented, considering many possible different scenarios. We had to gather people, think fast, bring on all the positive energies. Through this project we tried to drag ourself at the level of dedication that our healthcare staff showed since the beginning of the health crisis. 

Since the announce of the adjournment of the 34th WTA Strasbourg edition, initially planed from the 16th til 23rd of May, WTA Strasbourg management have been working hard in deep effort with the WTAFrench Tennis Federation and with the whole public and health authorities to define the new outlines of the 2020 tournament that has been deeply impacted by this worldwide health crisis

We are studying several options for the organization in order to welcome players and specators in the best conditions :
- Because the health of public, players, staff and volunteers is the absolute priority of the tournament, health policy will be established according to health and government autorities instructions
- Even if the sport is at the heart of WTA Strasbourg, the tournament wishes to honour and celebrate all the medical staff of Alsace who works hardly since the beginning of the crise, helping people. Madical staff would be the guests of the WTA Strasbourg 2020.
- Realizing that the economic context is really difficult for the compagnies and families, WTA Strasbourg organisation wants to be closer to the associations of the area of Strasbourg giving them a free access to the tournament. 

Our desire is to organize and event which is the best preparation for the French Open, but also a « helpful » event for all, helpful for the rebirth of tennis, helpful for the social and economic reconstruction.


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